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Archangel Uriel: Unveiling the Divine Light of Truth – Empowering Message in a Sentimental Encounter | 1

Archangel Uriel: Who is he and what message does he have for us?

Who is Archangel Uriel? Have you ever wondered who watches over you? Do you receive signs from angels but are unsure of their identity?

You have many guardians who watch over you, and some you may not even know yet.

Archangel Uriel is one of those who watches over you.

But what is his message to you? Why is it worthwhile to connect with him?

Uriel is an archangel dedicated to the protection of humanity.

Working diligently alongside archangels Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel, he strives to take care of us.

Revelation of Truth

Archangel Uriel – a mystical guardian of wisdom, faith, and truth, who, with the silent flutter of his wings, accompanies us on a journey toward a deeper understanding of life and divine mysteries.

His presence resides in the brilliance of stars when we seek values engraved in our hearts. His gentle whispers guide us towards understanding the divine vibration pulsating within our souls.

Uriel is also the patron of service – his strength and presence fully emanate when we serve others. He understands that sharing truth and knowledge opens doors to approaching the essence of life.

Wandering through the labyrinths of life, Archangel Uriel leads us to the roots of truth – the roots of our personal history, professional passions, and spiritual discoveries.

Sometimes, we may hesitate before the face of truth, but there’s no need to fear because Archangel Uriel stands by us, giving us the strength to face reality and find our own power.

When you least expect the truth or perhaps feel unready for its voice, that’s when Archangel Uriel appears on the scene, like an unexpected actor in the play of life.

His signs and reminders are not random; don’t be deceived by false assumptions. Instead of fearing, take a risk and open your eyes and ears to these subtle cues.

For, indeed, the truth can be challenging at times, like carving a diamond, but its voice is important, and its message is invaluable.

Archangel Uriel wouldn’t lead you down unknown paths without reason.

In his presence, you feel support, like a warm gust of wind lifting your wings in readiness to express your truth without fear of your authenticity.

Because the truth has the power of liberation, and what you need to discard is the burden holding you back.

Archangel Uriel desires for you to be fully yourself, like a bird discovering the strength of its flight and soaring in the full brightness of the sky!

Trust the Message

Behind Uriel lies magic – the “Light of God” never fades, accompanying you constantly on your life journey, illuminating darkness and complexities.

Archangel Uriel guides you through the labyrinth of truth, revealing the corners of your soul, even those that are unsettling.

Uriel’s presence exposes the imperfections of life, but it’s not a downfall; rather, it’s a spark of inspiration you hadn’t noticed before.

His actions are like a spectacle full of surprises, but it’s the path to your development and the exploration of new horizons.

Life under Uriel’s keen eye may embarrass you, but it’s not a reason to belittle yourself; instead, elevate your spirit.

You don’t need to resist this feeling; open yourself to his wisdom and flow in the ocean of benefits awaiting you!

How to Recognize Archangel Uriel?

In a mystical puzzle, our angels, including Archangel Uriel, convey messages to us, sometimes hidden treasures in the mirrored hours of our lives.

The invisible Archangel Uriel seeks to communicate with us. Like a quick flash in the dark, his presence can be extremely subtle.

Left among us are traces of this divine messenger, like enchanted symbols hidden in everyday events.

The dissipating smoke from a chimney forming shapes resembling intricate letters in the sky, or delicate blades of grass arranging themselves into an unknown pattern – these are mere glimpses of the angelic cryptography.

So, catch the movement of fleeting feathers falling on your path, or listen to the whispers of nature, for each detail is an encoded message from Uriel.

In these hidden signs, encrypted wisdom lies, and a secret understanding with the angel reveals the gates to a world where every moment is full of mysteries.

Let your eyes become the key, and your mind a habit of perception, so you can decipher these subtle arrangements that make up the priceless mosaic of divine messages.

Message in Dreams

In the realm of dreams, where reality intertwines with fantasy, Archangel Uriel weaves prophetic visions like a master sculptor shaping mystical sculptures from dreams.

Angels, masters of the oniric dance, dress their messages in words during dreams, as our souls discover magical lands behind closed eyelids.

How to navigate the labyrinth of dreams, so that the prophetic message stands out like a diamond among ordinary pebbles in dreamy tales?

How to decipher the mysterious code that only Uriel can send?

Examine the dream where light penetrates the darkest corners, for there Archangel Uriel leaves his mark – as the “Light of God” manifests in the flickering flames of our dreams.

Images in dreams come alive, gaining expression, carrying an important message.

Amid the dreamy breath, feel the warmth of peace, like lifted wings with which Uriel envelops and supports you through the dreamy depths.

Where dreams and reality intertwine at the crossroads, Archangel Uriel sends wisdom and inspiration, and in dreams, the art of his presence blossoms.

Yes, dare to tread the paths of dreams to know when Uriel enchants dream fabrics with his messages.

Keep a dream journal, and you’ll understand that dreams are masterpieces where secret relationships between the world of wakefulness and the mysterious realm of angels are woven.

Message in Sparks

In the glow of pulsating energy and swirling sparks, Uriel’s secret is hidden, the guardian of sparkling wisdom.

His essence is fused with electricity, igniting the minds of people with knowledge and truth, illuminating unknown corners of our being.

When stormy clouds dance in the sky, and lightning arranges its surreal dance, then we know that Uriel is near.

On days when electrical energy dances in light bulbs and burning curiosities, he appears to reveal his presence.

Isn’t it him vibrating in the air when we raise our hand and slightly feel a tingling on our skin?

Hinting that at such a moment, we should pause and contemplate the important thoughts that have enveloped us.

In sparking streams of energy, Uriel hides the secret of inner enlightenment.

His presence in our lives is a reminder to always be open to inner strength and intuition.

He encourages us to boldly listen to ourselves, find inner power, and trust our unique wisdom.

With every spark, Uriel stimulates us to observe the world around us more attentively, to appreciate daily events and moments.

His extraordinary energy inspires us to indulge in our passions and direct our actions towards fulfilling dreams.

He is a guide through the labyrinth of emotions, where the firestorm accompanies us in times of challenges, helping us find balance and peace.

Listen to the whispers of his lightning-fast advice and discover your true power.

Ignite your mind in the sparking passion and direct energy towards dreams waiting to come true.

Message During the Day

The presence of Uriel is akin to the circular dance of sunlight on the surface of a crystalline lake. His message is concealed in the shimmering reflections of everyday actions, much like hidden cheerful notes playing in the raindrops on windowsills.

When you serve others, and your heart beats warmly, it feels as if you carry a mysterious treasure within you. At that moment, Uriel subtly approaches you, as if offering silent applause for your kindness and empathy.

Together with him, you embark on a fascinating journey through the labyrinth of knowledge. As experiences become teachers, Uriel assumes the role of a subtle lantern, illuminating the path of personal development. His presence is like a friendly whisper, guiding you on the steps to becoming the best version of yourself.

When you deeply desire to unravel the mysteries of the universe, Uriel becomes a guide on the ocean of wisdom. In his presence, you find a compass pointing the way to truth and enlightenment.

In these blissful moments when you feel Uriel’s presence, your entire existence is enveloped in the warm ribbons of inner harmony. It’s as if you are soaring on the wings of the universe, surrounded by support and inspiration.

Let your senses be alert, and your heart open, for it is in daily experiences that you may find the secrets of a hidden message. His subtle presence around us hides a magical force waiting to be discovered and appreciated by a soul seeking greater meaning in this wonderful journey of life.

In Physical Form

In darkness, secrets are hidden, and in hearts, dreams burn like stars in the night sky. Some, whether out of courage or shyness, share their stories where two realities collide – one known to all, and the other their own secret. In this hidden realm between wakefulness and dream, where souls discover extraordinary worlds, an invisible guest has appeared – Archangel Uriel.

His presence is beautiful and elusive, as an angel, he reveals himself to each individual if desired. Meeting him is anticipated with eager anticipation, for like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, he can take on various forms – from a timid whisper of the wind to a flash of light dispelling darkness. Anyone who has had the privilege of seeing him will never forget that moment.

Knowledge of him is a treasure trove of secrets, enchanted in the beautiful weaving of the unknown. His energy can be compared to a powerful storm at sea, lifting a ship on the wave of uncertainty, guiding it toward safe shores. Supportive yet incredibly masculine, he radiates strength and self-assurance, much like the enticing scent of wildflowers among abandoned gardens.

Is it just a product of imagination? Or perhaps a true advocate coming from another reality? This is an extraordinary journey into one’s own depths, and the search for answers is not easy. When the struggle with doubts and seeking a path seems like traversing the mists of unearthly substance, Archangel Uriel quietly stands in the way, ready to extend a hand towards you.

May what you desire and what is hidden in your heart not be lost at this crossroads. Approach this moment in silence and peace, open your mind to subtle signs, like the flickering of light on the horizon. Suddenly, you’ll feel as if something inside is blossoming, as if the heart becomes a compass in this tumultuous journey towards truth.

Yes, Archangel Uriel is that unexpected companion whose presence you sense, and the strength of his support in guiding you to true answers will change your life forever. It’s not just about confirming a miracle, but about individual inner transformation, which can be called a magical encounter with oneself.

Archangel’s Number

Archangel Uriel, sending his mystical sign, opens your mind to the mystery of higher truth and a deeper connection with Divinity. This extraordinary message appears before you as the number 1 – strong, unique, like a fresh raindrop on a fiery leaf. Now is your time to stand on the pedestal of your own life and follow your destiny like a fearless explorer towards new horizons.

In the radiance of this number lies the power of personal development and inner strength. It is an invitation to bravely embark on the path of transformation, where you not only grow but become a symbol of inspiration for others. Your aura magnetically attracts those seeking guidance and wisdom, and you, like an elusive constellation, share your radiance to guide them on the right path.

Your life evolves in a beautiful way, supported by the power of Uriel. His presence is your celestial connection to achieving everything you dream of. The number 1 signifies the refinement of inner strength and truth, and the Archangel suggests that first, you must help yourself to offer your extraordinary gifts to others.

However, this does not mean limiting yourself to just your own needs. Archangel Uriel teaches how important it is to serve others, how extraordinary wealth flows from kindness to other beings. Your way of connecting with people is like a composed symphony – unique and harmonious. Through physical work, sharing knowledge, or simply showing kindness, you create an incredible impact on the lives of others.

In the context of connecting with Archangel Uriel, the number 1 encourages the courage to be yourself, to authentically express your existence. Uriel, like a wise mentor, believes in you and your true nature. You don’t need to transform into someone else to achieve your dreams and expand the horizons of your own development. You are already unique and unparalleled, and your journey to perfection is like an enchanted dance on a misty meadow, where each step shapes your own reality.

How to Make Contact?

Open your eyes to the magical possibilities that lead to a mystical encounter with Archangel Uriel. There are many wings on which you can ascend to him and the energy that unfolds before you. You can choose your own key to the door that leads to Uriel’s heart. Whether it’s a prayer in a quiet sigh or a spell written on the wings of a butterfly, each form has its unique charm.

Angel symbols scattered like sparks in the sky can strengthen your connection with him. Find the ones that captivate you. Let them become a map to your awakening.

Now, create an altar of dreams, arched with the vault of stars, where your heart wanders to meet Uriel. Choose a sacred place in your soul and let the energy of meditation and manifestation envelop your being. Find that quiet force within you to fully immerse yourself in the practice.

The key to internal gates is prayer, adorned with pearls of words that will lift you on the wings of elevation. In the sacred weave of words, you will draw closer to Uriel and enrich your heart with the fruits of this mystical journey.

Let your heart be the compass in this incredible adventure, and Archangel Uriel, the guide through the stars, will help you find your unique path to the heavens.

Know that the journey is only the beginning, and there is an entire unexplored sky full of mysteries and endless encounters with angels waiting to lead you to the land of magic and wonders.

Red Color

Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the waves of red, the color connecting you with Archangel Uriel.

Red, the color of passion and power, serves as the key through which Uriel enters your life. It is a hue brimming with emotions, simultaneously imbuing this connection with a unique tranquility and optimism.

The red beam of angelic light, like a complex dance of warm sun rays, envelops Uriel like a cloak encompassing the entire universe and you. It allows him to connect in a special way with objects, days, or symbols that have their place in this colorful narrative.

From this vibrant braid emerges service and assistance, akin to wildflowers amidst a green forest. Archangel Uriel, called to a mission of aiding the needy, looks at you with a warm smile, ready to impart his wisdom and inspiration.

When you perform acts of kindness for others, and your heart is filled with goodwill, a strong connection with Uriel becomes almost tangible. The harmonious dance of the soul in the rhythm of care and love makes your world bright like a candle flame in the darkness.

Allow red to illuminate the darkness and let Archangel Uriel into your heart. Let this mystical bond become your source of strength and optimism when assisting others. For in those moments, the world, as colorful as the most beautiful rainbow, blossoms in the eyes of the angel, pleased to have an ally like you on his mission.


Red, like fabric among the stars, envelops his essence, and his beam of light, like a shining braid, weaves an extraordinary dance with magical crystals.

These stones, mystical messengers, create bridges between our world and the angelic realms.

First is amber – like living sunbeams hidden in the petrified bark of a tree. It symbolizes life energy and joy, harmonizing with Uriel’s soul. Placed on the altar, it attracts his presence and acts like a torch in the darkness, illuminating the path to higher truths.

Basalt, a mystical rock king, fearless in its stability. With Archangel Uriel, it forms a bond of courage and strength, providing wisdom in challenging moments. Placed in the home, it acts as a steadfast guardian, surrounding you with a nurturing aura.

Fire opal, a chameleon among stones, changing colors like a rainbow in the sun. It symbolizes transformation and resonates with Uriel like a dance of flames from a bonfire. Its magical light summons the Archangel into your heart, suggesting that the variable nature is beautiful, like the harmony of music transforming into silence.

Entering this mystical harmony, charged with intention, crystals become guides to Uriel’s heart. Your altar and home transform into a gateway between worlds, and magic becomes your daily companion. Boldly step into the magic hidden in crystals and let them dance with your soul. You will approach Archangel Uriel in an enchanted embrace, discovering the invaluable wealth that this celestial encounter brings.


Threads of the red angelic light weave into the mystical aura, resembling magical serpents soaring into an extraordinary lace.

On this day, the unique energy of Uriel blossoms, and you can literally touch this divine being.

Friday is not just another day of the week; it is a gateway to a magical encounter with the angel. A time when the light of the sky intertwines with the earth, and your soul can find harmony in this mystical unity.

On Fridays, allow yourself to indulge in bold dreams and heavenly desires.

You can invoke Archangel Uriel any day you need. His heart is always open to your desires and prayers. But on Fridays, you feel something more, as if you are stepping into a special step of a dance arrangement that brings you even closer to heaven.

Prayer to Uriel

The delicate wings of angels vibrate in harmony with our spiritual desires, and their hearts resonate with the rhythm of prayer, eager to hear our voices.

Archangel Uriel, a sage among angelic beings, longs for our prayers, as he finds resonance and inspiration in them.

Let us open our minds to the mystical song that will connect us with Archangel Uriel. In meditation and magic, let our thoughts find the key to the gates of his kingdom.

In prayers, the power of imagination resonates, with humility in our hearts, we offer our thoughts to the divine essence, ready to shoulder angelic wisdom and messages.

During prayer, our soul blossoms like a sunbeam in the starry sky. The purity of our intentions is a jewel that concentrates the radiance of our words so that Archangel Uriel can hear them more easily.

We open ourselves to him with joy and faith, offering our desires and dreams into the hands of the wisest among angels.

Soaring above our concerns to the heights of spiritual understanding, Archangel Uriel walks the paths of truth. We will find him beside us when seeking revelation in the labyrinth of life. His wings hide us from uncertainty and doubt, and in his eyes, the starry mysteries are reflected.

Let our prayers be a story of our hearts, about the need for understanding and love. In fervent requests or gratitude, we will summon Archangel Uriel to appear when we need his support in discovering truth and inner peace.

May the wings of our words lift us beyond all earthly limitations, and the message of our prayer reaches the heavens like a spark in the meadow. Let Archangel Uriel, the guardian of truth and support, surround us with his celestial cloak, and with gratitude, we will contemplate the power of Divine presence in our lives.

May your heart find solace in prayer to Archangel Uriel, and he will respond to your call. However, if the needs of your heart lead you to other angelic realms, do not hesitate to seek other beings ready to take on your concerns and hopes.

In the heavens, there are plenty of treasures to discover, and prayer is the key to seeking them. Believe in the power of your faith and trust that angels will always stand by, ready to answer your call. May your encounters with them lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself and the beauty you carry within.

Below are some prayers that particularly suit Archangel Uriel.

Prayer for Truth

In moments when clarity is hard to find in a given situation, it’s valuable to turn to Uriel, seeking support in uncovering the truth:

Dear Archangel Uriel, I reach out to you for assistance. Help me see this situation in its full light and understand what is hidden. Show me what is essential for my development and guide me to a path of change and growth. Thank you for your presence and support.

Thank you for your presence and support.

Prayer for Service

Archangel Uriel appreciates your dedication and how you can support others through service. Your unique talents and skills are valuable when serving others, and Uriel takes joy in how you can impact the lives of others.

Dear Archangel Uriel, please impart guidance on how I can best serve others. I wish to bring more joy and wisdom to the world while honoring you and your mission. Show me the most fitting ways for me to serve.

Thank you for your presence and support.

Prayer for Knowledge

When in doubt about your knowledge and lacking the skills to share, Archangel Uriel can assist you. You can pray for support and wisdom to find certainty and an appropriate way to share your knowledge with others.

Dear Archangel Uriel, please show me the right way to share my thoughts and knowledge with others. What is your message that you wish for me to convey on your behalf and on behalf of God? Help me deepen my understanding of this message so that we can share this light with others.

Thank you for your presence and support.

Prayer for Strength

If you don’t feel strong in expressing yourself, Archangel Uriel can strengthen your courage and fortitude.

Dear Archangel Uriel, please come to me in moments when I lack self-assurance, strengthen my individuality and courage. Show me how to find strength and independence within myself. May your light illuminate my heart and mind to feel stronger.

Thank you for your presence and support.

What More Do We Know About Uriel?

Archangel Uriel is an angel associated with truth, knowledge, and optimal service to others through these qualities. If you sense his presence, it might be an appropriate time to address potential deception in your life and to maximize your service to others.


In the ancient text of the Ethiopian Book of Enoch, a splendid figure, Archangel Uriel, emerges as the one holding power over thunder and awe. In the Book of Enoch, the prophet Ezra asks numerous questions to God, and Uriel is sent by God to provide him with wise teachings.

Uriel is recognized as the archangel of thunder and earthquakes. One of his crucial roles is warning Noah of the impending flood, as described in Chapter 10, verses 1-3.

In the Fourth Book of Ezra, Archangel Uriel is referred to as the archangel of salvation and light. In the Gospel of Bartholomew, he is listed as the fifth archangel after Satanael, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. According to the Apocalypse of Elijah, Uriel, along with Michael, is expected to play a pivotal role in the Day of Final Judgment, leading the chosen ones to the paradise sealed by the mark of Christ.

In the Life of Adam and Eve, Uriel appears as an angel of repentance and one of the cherubs guarding the gates of paradise. The apocryphal text “Prayer of Joseph” provides an intriguing explanation of how Archangel Uriel decided to dwell among humans during Jacob’s encounter with him.

In apocryphal Christian gospels, Uriel plays a crucial role in saving John the Baptist and his mother, St. Elizabeth, from the ruthless massacre ordered by King Herod. The archangel transports them to the Holy Family, enabling their escape to Egypt.

In the Apocalypse of Peter, Uriel appears as an unforgiving angel of repentance. Contemporary angelology identifies him as a seraph, cherub, regent of the sun, flame of God, angel of divine presence, and ruler of Tartarus (hell). He is also mentioned in angelic hierarchies by various names such as “Angel Princes,” “Angel of the Abyss,” or “Cherub.” Many believers and practitioners value his presence, seeking his wisdom and support in their spiritual journey.


Archangel Uriel is depicted with a raised sword in his right hand over his chest and fire in his left hand facing downward. He is often seen holding a book or scrolls, symbols of wisdom.

His characteristic color is deep red, although other sources attribute yellow or gold to him. Archangel Uriel is particularly associated with Friday.

It’s noteworthy that the name Uriel does not appear in the Bible and is known only from apocryphal writings. In various sources, it can take different forms such as Usiel, Uzziel, Oriel, Auriel, Suriel, Urian, and Uryan.

Archangel Uriel in Religion

Uriel appears in various religious and spiritual traditions, and his role and significance may vary slightly depending on beliefs and religious texts.

Here are some important points regarding Uriel’s role in different religions:

Archangel Uriel in the Bible

In the Old Testament, in the Book of Isaiah (chapter 29, verse 1), the name Uriel (Ariel) appears. However, it cannot be definitively identified as the name of an angel without referring to non-biblical sources.

In the 29th chapter of the Book of Isaiah (verses 1–10), the figure named Ariel (Uriel) appears. According to the Catholic University of Lublin’s biblical scholar and demonologist Roman Zając, Ariel is not the name of an angel but rather a symbolic name referring to Jerusalem. The publishers of the Millennium Bible state that it is a “symbolic name (cf. Is 1,26), given by Isaiah to Jerusalem (cf. Is 33,7).

The Hebrew word can be read as: 1. Ariel – the lion of God, referring to the city strengthened with God’s help; 2. Uriel – God’s altar, God’s hearth, associated with the altar in the Temple.” There is also speculation that the residents of Qumran may have changed the old name Urushalimmu, the city of the Jebusites, meaning “creation of Shalim,” to Uruel (“creation of El”). Shalim (Shalem) is a Canaanite god, and El is a general term for the God of Israel.

There is also a suggestion that the residents of Qumran may have changed the ancient name Urushalimmu, the city of the Jebusites, meaning “creation of Shalim,” to Uruel (“creation of El”). Shalim (Shalem) is a Canaanite god, and El is a general term for the God of Israel.

In the New Testament, the name Uriel does not appear.

Archangel Uriel in Judaism

According to Jewish legends, Uriel played various roles in history. He was an angel who assisted in burying Adam and Abel and fought with Jacob at Peniel. According to Jewish tradition, Uriel dried up the Red Sea so that the Israelites could pass through, and he announced the birth of Samson, who was to save Israel from the Philistines. However, many of these deeds are also attributed to other angels.

Different texts provide varying interpretations of Uriel’s role. In the Haggadah Shemot, he is punished for neglecting the circumcision of Gershom’s son, while in the Kabbalistic “Book of Zohar,” it is the archangel Gabriel who is supposed to perform this task. In the “Book of Sybilli,” Uriel is described as one of the immortal angels of God who will transport the souls of ancient Titans and giants before God’s throne on the Day of Judgment.

In medieval Jewish mysticism, Uriel is associated with the warmth of winter and Sunday, the first day of the week. He is also referred to as the angel of September and the guardian of those born in that month.

In Kabbalah, Uriel is credited with introducing alchemy to the earth and imparting Kabbalah to humans. In the Talmud, Uriel is considered the intermediary through whom people gained knowledge of God.

Contemporary Jews recite a bedtime prayer that mentions angels, including Uriel, asking for protection and blessings.

Archangel Uriel in the Catholic Church

Despite being popular in medieval art, the cult of Archangel Uriel was officially condemned by Pope Zacharias at synods in Rome in 745 and 789, similar to the cults of other angels. His images were later painted over on the orders of the Congregation for Divine Worship in 1698.

In the 15th century, the monk Amadeus of Portugal described seven archangels, including one named Uriel. Antonio Lo Duce, a Sicilian priest, claimed to have received a revelation from Archangel Uriel, instructing him to build a church in Rome. The church, known as the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels and Martyrs, was designed by Michelangelo.

The church in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, dedicated to St. Uriel, was destroyed during the Swedish invasion. After its reconstruction in 1672, the church was rededicated to St. Michael the Archangel. Frescoes depicting Uriel have been preserved in other churches, such as St. Joseph’s Church in Krzeszów.

Uriel’s representations have also survived in Anglican churches in the United Kingdom.

Archangel Uriel in the Anglican Church

Anglicans venerate Archangel Uriel as the patron of the sacrament of confirmation. In some Episcopal churches, Uriel is considered the guardian of beauty, light, regent of the sun, and constellations. His iconography depicts him with an Ionic column in his right hand, symbolizing human-created aesthetic perfection, and a scepter crowned with the sun in his left hand.

In Anglican liturgical calendars, he is honored on the Feast of Archangels. In Sea Girt, New Jersey, there is a church named St. Uriel the Archangel.

The motto of the University of Oxford, “Dominus illuminatio mea” (“The Lord is my light”), is the Latin translation of Uriel’s name and is derived from the Book of Psalms (Ps 27:1).

Archangel Uriel in the Coptic Church

Christians from Ethiopia and Eritrea celebrate Uriel on July 11 as one of the great archangels and an interpreter of angels who conveyed prophecies to Enoch and Ezra. According to Ethiopian homily, during the crucifixion of Jesus, Uriel filled a cup with the blood and water flowing from Christ. Along with Archangel Michael, he sprinkled Ethiopia, and where drops of blood fell, churches were built. In Ethiopian iconography, Uriel is often portrayed with a cup filled with the blood of Christ.

Archangel Uriel in Occultism

In apocryphal and occult literature, Uriel is identified with many other names, such as Ariel, Nuriele, Urjan, Jeremiel, Razjel, Wretiel, Suriel, Puruel, Fanuel, Jehoel, Izrafeel, and the angel Jacob-Israel.

John Dee, an alchemist, claimed that Uriel gave him a mysterious “magic mirror.”

In hermetic Kabbalah, the name Uriel is written as Auriel. He is considered an archangel associated with the North and the Earth element. The contemporary hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn recognizes Uriel as the archangel of the North and Earth, associated with nature. An icon depicts him holding mature wheat stalks, dressed in lemon, russet, olive, and black robes.

In contemporary Essene esotericism, Ouriel is perceived as an archangel associated with the summer period and the fire element.

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