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Celestial Tarot Empowerment: Unveiling the Positive, Neutral, and Dynamic Meanings of 78 Cards

Celestial Tarot

The Celestial Tarot consists of 78 cards, divided into 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana.

Each of these cards carries a positive, neutral, or negative meaning.

These cards convey angelic messages and provide insights into various aspects of our lives.

The Angelic Arcana is one of the most significant, aiding in seeking meaning in matters of love, work, and health.

The Angelic Tarot takes us to a spiritual level, where divine light guides our path through the cards.

Before delving into a reading with the Angelic Tarot, we must find tranquility within ourselves and focus on what lies ahead.

When you feel ready for an online reading, click the button, and a special message will be drawn for you.

Angelic Tarot Cards

To receive messages from Angels and Saints, we present the meanings of all cards in the Angelic Tarot.

The Major Arcana includes:

Seraphim (from 1 to 3), Cherubim (from 4 to 6), Thrones (from 7 to 9), Dominions (from 10 to 12), Virtues (from 13 to 15), Powers (from 16 to 18), and Principalities (from 19 to 21).

Among the Minor Arcana are:

Messengers (from 22 to 24), Ninth Choir (from 25 to 27), Archangels (from 28 to 37), Angels (from 38 to 63), as well as fallen angels and negative or extraterrestrial energies under the rule of Lucifer (from 63 to 78).

Angelic Major Arcana

The Angelic Major Arcana reveal patterns of destiny, dependent on the order of card appearance and their arrangement on the table.

Below, we present all the tarot cards with angels so that you can understand their basic meanings.

Continue reading to discover all the information about the cards, or click on the name of a specific angel to check its meaning in a broader context.


(Angelic Card No. 1, 2, and 3)

Seraphim are the angels closest to God, biblical beings mentioned in the Old Testament (Isaiah 6:1-3), dwelling near the Divine throne. They are beings radiating fiery warmth.

The words spoken by the Seraphim are an integral part of the Sanctus hymn, sung during the Eucharist in many Christian rituals.

“Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of Hosts. Heaven and earth are full of Your glory. Hosanna in the highest.”


Both Catholic and Orthodox theology attribute immense significance to this hymn, considering it an expression of devotion to God and a reminder that Earthly liturgy reflects and represents the heavenly liturgy taking place before God’s throne.

The Hebrew word “שרף” (saraf) is often associated with the verb “להישרף” (lehisaref), meaning “to burn” or “to blaze.” This connection suggests that Seraphim are beings associated with fire, born from smokeless flames.

According to ancient Hebrew angelology, Seraphim are winged guardians surrounding the throne of God, forming the first order in the angelic choirs. In Christian tradition, they also hold the first position as members of the nine angelic choirs.

1 – Seraph of Pure and Sublime Love

This angelic arcana symbolizes love for humanity. Those ready to do good should open themselves to the advice of this angel. It signifies the purity of feelings and the desire to perform benevolent deeds for others. Act selflessly, expecting no reward, allowing the goodness from your actions to enrich your life on the path to prosperity.

2 – Healing Seraph

This angelic arcana is a symbol of healing from illness. The angel protects the sick, offering assistance as needed, providing care, and helping cope with health challenges. Keep hope alive on your journey to recovery.

3 – Singing Seraph

This angelic arcana is a symbol of creativity and artistic souls. It depicts an artist with exceptional creative talent. When combined with the angel of love, it foretells a promising future and may even herald the birth of a child. Remember to hone your artistic abilities to fully unleash your potential and rely on your inspiration.


(Angelic Card No. 4, 5, and 6)

Cherubim serve as guardians of divine light and messengers from the stars. They defend access to the Tree of Life from outsiders, fallen angels, demons, and negative energies. Though not present in our human reality, their divine light touches human lives, imparting wisdom.

The origin of the Hebrew word “kêrûb” is linked to the Akkadian word “kâribu,” meaning a being that defends and takes care of humans. Cherubim are related to Seraphim.

Cherubim in the Bible are described as having faces and wings. People envisioned them as winged young beings, both male and female, similar to those in Egyptian paintings, or as winged Mesopotamian bulls at the entrances of temples, or as sphinxes with lion bodies and human faces. Many archaeological finds from the Bronze and Iron Ages in the Palestine region confirm these assumptions.

In Genesis (3:24), a cherub guarded the entrance to the Tree of Life, and in Exodus (25:18–22), two images of cherubim were placed on either side of the mercy seat above the Ark of the Covenant.

4 – Cherub of Peace

This angelic arcana represents a mediator in peace, offering advice to people on Earth. Its role is to assist in resolving conflicts in a satisfying and peaceful manner. This angel calls on you to seek peace and harmony in your life.

5 – Cherub of Judgments

This angelic arcana symbolizes an angel with judicial authority, ensuring protection in this realm. The angel influences vibrations that do not deplete energy and contribute to good “judicial” management aid for others. Maintain balance in your close relationships to preserve health and well-being.

6 – Cherub of Life

This angelic arcana is a symbol of life, representing an angel with extensive life experience who can advise others on their journey. Be vigilant to accept positive things while rejecting negative ideas that bring no good to life.


(Angelic Card No. 7, 8, and 9)

Thrones are angels associated with human actions and were known in antiquity as spirits of the stars. They are also known as the Chairs of God and oversee lesser hierarchies in divine omnipotence. Thrones are the third choir among the angelic orders, along with Seraphim and Cherubim, residing before the throne of God and overseeing God’s abode. They embody obedience and stability, expressed through their purple attire. They are also distinguished by crowns and scepters.

7 – Male and Female Thrones

This angelic arcana symbolizes prejudice and lack of acceptance of change or ideas that may challenge individual beliefs. It’s essential to work on eliminating negative prejudices in your life to avoid harming yourself. Be open to diversity and seek genuine knowledge to develop as a person.

8 – Throne of Creativity

This angelic arcana symbolizes innovation and immense creativity but also refers to paralysis in action. If creativity is lacking, seek it to become your guiding light in achieving goals. Encourage yourself to discover your inner potential and fully utilize it.

9 – Throne of Strength

This angelic arcana heralds impending changes and represents the power of the mind. It may indicate the arrival of someone from afar. It also symbolizes a clouded mind and addictions. Be cautious, pay attention to your thoughts and actions to avoid the risk of unwanted consequences. The strength of the mind can lead to positive changes, but it also requires responsibility and control over your choices.


(Angelic Card No. 10, 11, and 12)

Dominions, also known as Medical Angels, assist people in finding balance on the “earthly level.” They receive commands from Seraphim, Cherubim, or even directly from God. Their main role is to maintain the Universal Order of the World.

In the angelic hierarchy, Dominions occupy the fourth position among the angelic choirs, counting from the throne of God. Their specific task is to implement God’s rule over creatures and direct the actions of lower-ranking angelic orders.

The biblical basis for classifying Dominions among the angelic orders comes from the words of St. Paul the Apostle, who enumerates some of them, emphasizing that Jesus Christ sits above all Authority, Power, Might, and Dominion (Ephesians 1:21). Additionally, he states that both Thrones, Dominions, Principalities (Virtues), and Powers (Powers) were created in Him (1 Corinthians 1:16).

10 – Dominion Yahriel

This angelic arcana symbolizes leadership skills. Although it may refer to tyranny, the unjust use of power, you can become an excellent leader by developing this skill over time and working to gain the trust and respect of those around you.

11 – Dominion Chasmal

This angelic arcana symbolizes great passion but may also represent impulsiveness and a tendency to hysteria and loss of control over actions. It’s essential to maintain balance in your decisions, avoid losing control, and resist impulsive reactions.

12 – Dominion Zadkiel

This angelic arcana is a symbol of mercy, representing altruism and selflessness towards others. However, it also warns against selfishness. Striving for harmonious conduct on your path requires sacrifice for others, practicing mercy, and supporting others in the spirit of altruism.


(Angelic Card No. 13, 14, and 15)

Virtue angels play a crucial role in removing or eliminating any obstacles that stand in the way of fulfilling God’s commands. Their task is to deter malevolent beings and eliminate negative influences that hinder the execution of God’s mandates.

These angels take on the form of rays of light to maintain humanity in the order of Divine Destiny. Their action is directed towards preserving harmony and goodness on Earth, ensuring that God’s plans and goals for humanity are fulfilled in harmony and love.

The biblical basis for classifying Virtues (Powers), similar to Dominions, among the angelic orders comes from the words of St. Paul the Apostle, who enumerates some of them, emphasizing that Jesus Christ sits above all Authority, Power, Might, and Dominion (Ephesians 1:21). Additionally, he states that both Thrones, Dominions, Principalities (Virtues), and Powers (Powers) were created in Him (1 Corinthians 1:16).

13 – Virtue of Michael

The angelic arcana represents nobility and a kind heart, symbolizing prosperity. It carries only positive vibrations. Striving for goodness and nobility will be rewarded in the longer perspective, and you will ultimately reap benefits. Seize this wonderful influence and enjoy the prosperity surrounding you.

14 – Virtue of Tarshisha

The angelic arcana symbolizes a Guardian, an angel of Jesus Christ with the ability to watch over and care. Its presence allows defense and shelter. Your dedication to them will enable you to reap rewards and happiness, as sharing love and support with loved ones brings satisfaction and joy to both you and those close to you.

15 – Virtue of Bariel

The angelic arcana symbolizes courage, supporting in making difficult decisions. In the face of complex situations, it brings self-assurance to meet challenges and emerge successfully. Courage allows you to surpass boundaries and conquer your own fears, opening the path to development and success. Trust your inner guidance and do not fear facing challenges, as it is in difficult moments that the potential for growth and discovering your strength is hidden.


(Angelic Card No. 16, 17, and 18)

Powers are the last representatives of the second hierarchical Heaven and serve as guides of the Universal Divine Order. These angels are responsible for guarding history and overseeing consciousness. Among the Powers are angels of birth, protecting life and transformations, and angels of death, ensuring the harmonious transition of souls.

In the angelic hierarchy, Powers occupy the sixth position, counting from the throne of God. Their main tasks include executing God’s decrees and fighting evil spirits, maintaining order and harmony in the spiritual world. Their presence provides support for humanity, strengthening faith and hope in the face of difficulties and challenges.

16 – Power of Camael

The angelic arcana symbolizes dualism and reconciliation, representing balance but also the ambiguity of decisions. It may also signify dishonesty. Within you lies the ability to cope with life’s difficulties, and you must find a way to remain focused.

17 – Power of Kemuel

The angelic arcana depicts the struggle of good against evil, distinguishing what is right from what is wrong. It also shows a tendency to not accept advice and form prejudiced views. Strive to understand different perspectives and be open to new information to develop your thinking. This will enable you to effectively deal with adversities and continue progress in your life.

18 – Power of Sensinera

The angelic arcana draws attention to bad habits and relates to depression. It also symbolizes various losses, both material and moral. You must free yourself from the burden of bad habits to improve your life, avoiding anything that could harm you. Your heart will thank you.


(Angelic Card No. 19, 20, 21, 22)

Principalities are angels possessing special authority from God. They serve as guardians over dioceses, provinces, kingdoms, and nations, watching over all people making decisions and wielding authority.

In the angelic hierarchy, Principalities occupy the seventh position, counting from the throne of God. Their main role is to oversee territories, communities, and lead angels of lower orders, playing a significant role in ensuring harmonious development and protection of various areas and communities on Earth.

19 – Principality of Anael

The angelic arcana symbolizes sensuality, creativity, physical beauty, love, and success. It warns against selfishness and pride. Allow love to flow in your life to harness its positive influence.

20 – Principality of Hamiel

The angelic arcana symbolizes spiritual guidance and advice. The angel that led Enoch to Heaven. It also signifies confusion and lack of assistance in the spiritual realm. Note: In the presence of Lucifer or Rimmon, it may herald a disease as negative as cancer. Listen to your heart to untangle the confusion that might overshadow your life.

21 – Principality of Cervilla

The angelic arcana symbolizes help, friendship, understanding in times of failure, and also indicates loneliness. This angel assisted David in the battle against Goliath. Strengthen bonds of friendship to overcome adversities and leave loneliness behind. Rely on your loved ones.

Angelic Minor Arcana

Angelic Minor Arcana contains many useful and enriching pieces of information for interpreting various aspects of life, the present, past, and future. Among the Minor Arcana are all the cards in the deck from number 22 to 78.


(Angelic Card No. 22, 23, and 24)

Messengers – These are angels sent from Divine light, responsible for delivering messages from God to humans. They constitute the second representatives of the third angelic hierarchy and, along with the Ninth Choir, form the eighth in the angelic hierarchy.

22 – Messenger Dobiel

The angelic arcana symbolizes divine decrees and a great ability to understand.

23 – Messenger Renueco

The angelic arcana symbolizes positive transformations, changes in life, and even fortune.

24 – Messenger Sariel

The angelic arcana symbolizes long-hidden secrets and the discovery of new ideas, heralding significant changes.

Ninth Choir

(Angelic Card No. 25, 26, and 27)

These are angels that individually care for each human. Angels of the ninth choir play a protective role against evil, guiding on the right path. They guard against both invisible and visible enemies. The Ninth Choir supports humans on the path to soul salvation, responsible for sending us grace, strength, and magical light when needed, watching over the souls of all people.

Angels of the tenth choir (together with Messengers) form the eighth (out of nine) angelic choir and lead angelic hosts.

25 – Zagzagel

The angelic arcana brings healing of all kinds.

26 – Uriel

The angelic arcana points to new paths and negative influences.

27 – Guardian of Cities

The angelic arcana is the defender of gates and oversees communities’ well-being.


(Angelic cards #28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, and 37)

Archangels occupy the highest position in the holy choir of Angels and serve as the administrative leaders of all heavenly beings, a result of God’s grace.

Archangel Gabriel was designated to convey to Mary her selection by the Creator to become the mother of Jesus.

Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel are experts in the deepest mysteries of God and are responsible for conveying the most important divine decrees. They play the crucial role of intermediaries between God and humanity!

28 – Archangel Michael

The angelic card symbolizes justice and significant changes in life.

29 – Archangel Gabriel

The angelic card symbolizes the subconscious and the duality with which you grapple between good and evil.

30 – Archangel Haniel

The angelic card signifies the goodness of life, such as love and harmony.

31 – Archangel Raphael

The angelic card points to the strength and energy emanating from brilliance, representing nobility and leadership.

32 – Archangel Sariel

The angelic card is God’s command! Angels will be unwavering in their determination to set things in order!

33 – Archangel Ragüel

The angelic card symbolizes giving advice to steer life in the right direction.

34 – Archangel Remiel

The angelic card symbolizes God’s mercy, revealing that something has been long concealed.

35 – Archangel Raziel

The angelic card is about mystery, uncovering secrets on Earth and in the spiritual realm.

36 – Archangel Metatron

The angelic card serves as a link to God! It represents greatness and strength that everyone should possess.

37 – Archangel Amiel

The angelic card of rebirth. It heralds changes to which one must adapt and unknown realms into which we enter.


(Angelic cards #38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, and 66)

Angels, also known as representative beings of light, bring knowledge, love, and divine wisdom to humanity. They act as guides in response to the challenges humanity faces, leading us on our transcendental life path. Their presence supports and inspires us in the pursuit of spiritual growth and harmony.

38 – Angel of Death

The angelic card heralds very sudden changes in life and can also indicate losses or setbacks.

39 – Angel of Strife

The angelic card symbolizes unhappiness and recurring conflicts, confronting adversities.

40 – Angel of Love

The angelic card symbolizes love and a sense of security.

41 – Angel of Abundance

The angelic card brings financial stability and abundance, which must be managed wisely.

42 – Angel of Birth

The angelic card foretells the birth of a child already on the way.

43 – Angel of Work

The angelic card brings positive outcomes, bringing happiness and rewards for well-done work.

44 – Angel of Play

The angelic card represents interests and moments of relaxation, much-needed at times.

45 – Angel of Envy

The angelic card symbolizes envy and uncertainty in life, facing evil deeds.

46 – Angel of Balance

The angelic card represents love, balance, and harmony in life, enveloping with tenderness.

47 – Angel of Prosperity

The angelic card brings common sense to resolve conflicts and neglect wisdom.

48 – Angel of Paradise

The angelic card points to favorable development in relationships.

49 – Angel of Conscience

The angelic card warns about conscience and indicates the beginning of a new stage.

50 – Angel of the Sun

The angelic card symbolizes peace of mind and good relationships, bringing stability.

51 – Angel of the Moon

The angelic card brings energy to address mental disorders and addictions.

52 – Angel of Disease

The angelic card assists in depression, often affecting health. It helps regain vitality and mental strength.

53 – Angel of Justice

The angelic card symbolizes balance or its absence.

54 – Angel of Water

The angelic card brings balance and sensitivity to discover happiness.

55 – Angel of Stars

The angelic card inspires action and provides artistic support.

56 – Angel of Love – “Male”

The angelic card indicates feelings and new possibilities in relationships.

57 – Angel of Love – “Female”

The angelic card symbolizes the heart and mind in achieving true happiness.

58 – Warning Angel

The angelic card brings a warning about malicious intentions and envy.

59 – Angel of Sacrifice

The angelic card symbolizes doubts and indecision but also necessary sacrifices to move forward.

60 – Angel of Sons

The angelic card indicates birth, the arrival of new life!

61 – Angel of Ascent

The angelic card offers wisdom and wealth in shared harmony.

62 – Angel of the Throne – “Female”

The angelic card imparts practical knowledge to face all difficulties.

63 – Angel of the Throne – “Male”

The angelic card signifies great experience and strength to progress.

Fallen Beings and Negative Energies under the Rule of Lucifer

(Angelic cards #63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, and 78)

Under the rule of Lucifer, fallen angels or negatively oriented beings are punished by God and compelled to endless incarnations.

They are penalized for causing trouble in the material world and acting against God and all material beings in the spiritual and physical dimensions.

Negatively oriented beings, demons, come from other dimensions. After causing chaos and destruction wherever they appeared, they were banished to a planet where free will prevails.

Many of them returned to the path of light, but others still remain under the rule of Lucifer.

64 – Grigori of Passions (fallen angel)

The card symbolizes success, with the help of physical beauty and sensuality.

65 – Grigori of Material Power (fallen angel)

The card carries a materialistic aura that can slip out of control.

66 – Grigori of Strength (fallen angel)

The card points to successes by using force and power without regard for balance.

67 – Lucifer (light-bearing demon)

The card symbolizes materialism and illegally gained wealth, causing suffering. In this case, nothing comes for free. There are consequences, and they are tragic!

68 – Abaddon (destroying demon)

The card symbolizes indecisiveness, destructing the personality.

69 – Samael (demon of death)

The card symbolizes flaws, succumbing to temptations.

70 – Mastema (fallen archangel)

The card symbolizes magic and occultism, causing punishments dependent on other energies.

71 – Carniveau (demon of occultism and sabbath)

The card represents instability of characters and negative energies to be wary of!

72 – Mammon (god of greed and avarice)

The card symbolizes greed and avarice.

73 – Camael (fallen archangel)

The card brings delays, complications, and adversities.

74 – Adramelech (demon, fallen angel)

The card symbolizes fear, torment, and emotional disturbances.

75 – Dubbiel (fallen angel of pride and prejudice)

The card symbolizes pride and excessive arrogance, clouding sound judgment.

76 – Rimmon (fallen archangel, demon of exaltation)

The card represents emotional and sentimental struggles.

77 – Moloch (fallen angel, hellish demon)

The card is about lies! Encouraging lying and creating intrigues.

78 – Malchi Dael (fallen angel, of betrayal)

The card unscrupulously uses love, passion, and sex to achieve a set goal.

Divination with Angelic Tarot Cards

The angelic messages contained in the 78 cards of the Angelic Tarot are a rich collection of meanings that are both neutral, positive, and negative.

Each message is unique and enriched with a profound message that carries valuable guidance and wisdom.

Although some meanings may seem negative, it is essential to remember that all messages inherently carry positive energy and vibrations.

Even in moments of warnings about potential difficulties, these messages guide us towards a better path and support us in making wise decisions.

Our unique divination tool allows you to discover messages from the Angelic Tarot in a simple and intuitive way.

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Each message is thoroughly explained, showing how you can apply it in practice.

This tool will help you gain a deeper perspective and understanding of your situation, supporting you in making decisions in line with angelic guidance.

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