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Cheiro’s Numerology: Unveiling the Power of Numbers with William John Warner – Method 1-8 and Meanings from 10 to 52 Revealing Positive Aspects

Cheiro’s Numerology: Unveiling the Power of Numbers with William John Warner

Cheiro’s Numerology is a topic widely discussed online but rarely delved into in detail.

In this article, we will focus on Cheiro’s approach to numerology.

We will learn the basics of numerology, delve a bit into Cheiro’s background, and then explore his teachings in more detail.

There is no doubt that numbers hold immense significance in the world, not only as the foundation of our economy and technology but also as a fundamental concept underlying reasoning and truth.

As numbers have real-world applications while being abstract in their essence, they have long fascinated philosophers with their hidden key to deeper mysteries.

The idea that numbers somehow shape and influence our reality forms the basis for exploring their inherent characteristics – and we call this numerology.

Ancient civilizations were as intrigued by numbers as we are today, and while there were various methods of counting, there was unanimity in the belief that numbers also have mystical foundations.

Cheiro’s Numerology has its roots in the culture of the ancient Chaldeans, dating back thousands of years. It’s interesting to note that despite the passing of civilizations and changes in the world, there is something in the concept of numerology that has endured throughout this entire time.

The numerical system (1-9) used in today’s mathematics originated in India and spread to the Middle East and Europe in the medieval period.

The concept of zero (0) emerged as an innovative solution with practical applications, enabling the representation of both absence of value and magnitude.

For this reason, zero is considered distinct from the standard numbers 1-9 in the context of numerology.

There is a wealth of information about numbers higher than 9 in numerology, which we will also discuss towards the end of the article.

However, at the outset, we will primarily focus on numbers 1-9 to grasp the fundamental principles.

Before delving into that, let’s learn a bit more about the individual known as Cheiro.

Who was Cheiro?

William John Warner, known as Cheiro, was a clairvoyant, astrologer, palm reader, and numerologist. He achieved success in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and his legacy remains strong to this day. He was born in 1866 near Dublin, Ireland.

The name “Cheiro” is derived from the term “cheiromancy,” meaning palmistry, one of his most well-known talents. Numerous stories exist about the accuracy of his predictions concerning prominent figures of his time. The press attempted to discredit him, but after numerous tests, they had to acknowledge the accuracy of his predictions.

His ability to foresee the destinies of public figures and their families earned him credibility among the wealthy, influential individuals, and even the ruling classes. His gift for accurate future predictions was noticed by his parents when he was still a child, but it wasn’t until the age of twelve that he began to focus his interest on it, starting his studies in astrology.

In his youth, he visited India, where he spent three years acquiring knowledge and learning from a guru who provided him with ancient information and materials. He then arrived in London ready to embark on his career.

His skills in palmistry quickly caught the attention of Arthur James Balfour, the future Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who was then the chairman of the London Psychical Society (now known as The Society for Psychical Research), bringing Cheiro significant popularity. Of course, Balfour’s future rise to the position of Prime Minister was one of Cheiro’s early predictions.

Cheiro documented his predictions for later analysis and also encouraged those who sought his guidance to sign a guestbook and share their feedback. This guestbook became a record of key figures in the contemporary world.

The chairman of the company building the Titanic received a chilling warning about his future. Mark Twain, initially skeptical of Cheiro’s credibility, had to admit that his prediction was remarkably accurate.

Cheiro foretold not only individuals’ lives but also crucial historical events. He predicted events such as the Russian Revolution, an alliance with China, World War II, labor strikes in England in 1926, changes in the Middle East, and various events in the history of the British royal family, many of which came true during Cheiro’s lifetime.

In the final years of his life, Cheiro moved to Hollywood, where he remained busy not only as a clairvoyant but also as a screenwriter. He passed away in 1936 at the age of 69, and the timing of his death had been predicted by him, according to his wife.

His legacy endures as he wrote numerous books throughout his life on mystical subjects such as numerology, palmistry, and astrology, with over 14 titles to his name. Some of these books are still published today.

What is Cheiro’s Numerology?

Cheiro’s Numerology is a branch of numerology with strong ties to Chaldean teachings. Many individuals beginning their study of numerology start with the Pythagorean method, analyzing their name and date of birth.

Chaldean numerology differs somewhat, although it is based on many of the same principles, so someone familiar with the Pythagorean method can easily adapt.

Chaldean numerology has its roots in ancient times and is possibly one of the oldest known numerological methods. The Chaldeans, from whom it took its name, lived from the 10th to the 6th century BCE. It can be used to predict the life, successes, and failures of an individual. Therefore, parents of newborns consider choosing a name for their child, taking into account the best prognosis associated with the date of birth.

The foundation of Chaldean numerology is the search for and description of the forces operating behind the scenes of people’s lives and global situations, and the undertaking of actions to improve circumstances and alleviate problems.

Cheiro’s Numerology refers to these ancient numerical principles and applies them in a modern context. By using data related to individuals’ names and places and the associated numbers, we can use Cheiro’s numerology to shed more light on their current situation and predict what the future may hold.

Similar to Pythagorean numerology, the Cheiro system associates each letter of the alphabet with a number, as presented below:

1 = A, I, J, Q, Y

2 = B, K, R

3 = C, G, L, S

4 = D, M, T

5 = E, H, N, X

6 = U, V, W

7 = O, Z

8 = F, P

The first question that comes to mind at this point is why there are no letters associated with the number 9? In Cheiro’s numerology, the number 9 holds a special significance. It is a number that has certain connections with a divine source.

Although it will certainly appear in results and interpretations, it is excluded from some input values, such as in this case.

Another question that arises concerns the connections in the Cheiro system compared to the Pythagorean system. This does not imply that one system is better or worse than the other. However, in the case of the Cheiro system, there is a more precise balance to achieve more accurate answers.

The numbers themselves not only serve to describe character but also have deeper connections to astrological and elemental forces that must be considered to obtain effective readings.

How to Use Cheiro’s Numerology

Single numbers describe personality traits and can be interpreted on a physical level. Cheiro’s Numerology also utilizes compound numbers, which consist of more than one digit (10 and above), to describe higher aspects. In this analysis, we will refer to compound numbers and provide their definitions.

We can begin by analyzing an individual based on their name. Take all the letters in the person’s name, for example, John Doe, assign them numbers according to the key above, sum them, and then reduce them further by adding digits until a single number is reached.

J + O + H + N + D + O + E

(1 + 7 + 8 + 5 + 4 + 7 + 5) = 37 | and further: 3 + 7 = 10 → 1 + 0 = 1

In the results, we have two single-digit numbers, 3 and 1, which, when added together, form the number 4 (3 + 1). The number 4 reduces to 4. Finally, 4 is the so-called “name number” for this person.

Next, we would be interested in the person’s date of birth, specifically the number of the day in the month. Let’s assume they were born on the 17th. 17 reduces to 1 + 7 = 8. Therefore, 8 is their birth number.

Looking at the explanation of the numerological reading of our example, this person has the number 8 from birth and the number 4 from their name. Both these numbers attribute personality traits to the individual and create a kind of synergy.

We begin to see how people use numerology to try to alter the course of their lives, especially by changing their names (you can’t change your date of birth, though many would probably like to). If you do so, it is recommended to have a name consistent with your birth number, as it will highlight more positive aspects of the number than negative ones.

Some Cheiro numerology enthusiasts prefer to live in places corresponding to their birth number or only in properties where the registered address reduces to their birth number. They seek balance and positivity in such an approach. They may also give their children names that reflect the most favorable traits to ensure a richer and easier life than their own.

Nevertheless, anyone applying Cheiro’s numerology in this way should remember that even the most successful people in the world experience difficulties and make mistakes. The universe is constructed in such a way that there is no “magic button,” and we would have nothing to learn in life if there were. However, if we reach out and understand the forces guiding our actions, there is much room for maneuvering.

Meanings of Numbers from 10 to 52

Compound numbers (above 9) constitute a realm where we begin to discern connections with higher, mystical themes. Many of them are associated with specific Tarot cards. In essence, single-digit numbers describe how others perceive us, while compound numbers shed light on the forces guiding our journey through life.

Number 10 – The Wheel of Fortune. This number symbolizes vision and the pursuit of realizing it. As a wheel, it also relates to the cycle of events, life with its ups and downs, but with the support that allows one to navigate through them.

Number 11 – Justice. However, this is justice with all its connotations and draws our attention to the risks, deceit, and dangers that surround us and how we choose to rise above them.

Number 12 – Sacrifice. As the name suggests, it involves being the “scapegoat” so that others can succeed due to your unresolved weaknesses and concerns.

Number 13 – Transition. Corresponds to the famous Tarot card “Death,” serving as a warning, though it should not be taken literally! The message from this number is more about enforced change and warns against the abuse of power. It’s worth considering carefully.

Number 14 – Moderation. Signifies situations where moderation is required, where one force or factor needs balance with another, where finances must be stabilized, or where finding a compromise is necessary to satisfy different parties.

Number 15 – Occultism. Primarily reminds us that the physical world is not everything. Secondly, that good and evil are inseparable, and there are those who use deception in exchange for shiny rewards.

Number 16 – The Tower. Imagine a tall, sturdy tower being struck by lightning, and that tells you what to expect with this number – a sudden and unexpected change in a situation that seemed stable. Be vigilant; don’t become complacent.

Number 17 – The Star. Symbolizes hope and the journey upward beyond the problems of life, and even understanding one’s true purpose… though it doesn’t mean you’ve already reached it!

Number 18 – Illusion. Here, we explore how the material world prevails over higher planes. Wars and conflicts are a good example of how we waste our time, constantly fighting for purely materialistic reasons.

Number 19 – Enlightenment. Typically signifies a certain success, understanding, warmth, courage, and positive energies.

Number 20 – Awakening. This means it’s time to take action! But first, consider why and what your higher self demands. It’s probably a call to give more structure to your spiritual duties rather than just finding the courage to ask for a promotion at work.

Number 21 – The World. The number of fulfillment. A sense of achieving an important goal or simply a feeling of inner peace.

Number 22 – The Fool. A person living day by day in blissful ignorance of problems that will catch up with them.

Number 23 – Strength. Not necessarily your own strength but the support and influence of others in higher positions.

Number 24 – Similar to number 23, it signifies the importance of others’ assistance in achieving your aspirations, also in personal life.

Number 25 – Success, but only through hard work, not by being “in the right place at the right time.”

Number 26 – Problems and the need to take a close look at whom you are dealing with because people in your surroundings may be more responsible for your misfortunes than any mistake on your part.

Number 27 – Effective execution of a well-thought-out plan. This is about the significance of strategy and intellect, in addition to action, where everything will start falling into place.

Number 28 – For someone who has it all, a reminder that nothing lasts forever, and you are not an exception. Have a contingency plan and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Number 29 – A sneaky feeling that someone is deceiving you. Business and life partners may show their other side, and you will be the one losing out.

Number 30 – Is your glass half full or half empty? The results of your overall attitude will improve or worsen.

Number 31 – Current difficulties can end in various ways, but you may certainly feel more lonely regardless of the outcome.

Number 32 – Time to stick to your beliefs and take control of the situation; otherwise, you will be hindered by conflicting opinions and the incompetence of others.

After the number 32, compound numbers begin to repeat in terms of their meanings. This should not be surprising because compound numbers themselves point to certain themes where the sum of their digits is equal.

For example, the digits 32, 23, and 14 all result in 5, so naturally, they address the common theme of “5” – control, albeit from different perspectives. As you have likely noticed, similar calculations were also applied in the interpretation of mirror hours.

However, a few numbers are still distinct:

Number 33 – as in the case of 24.

Number 34 – as in the case of 25.

Number 35 – as in the case of 26.

Number 36 – as in the case of 27.

Number 37 – A positive number, especially in creating partnerships, particularly in personal life.

Number 38 – as in the case of 29.

Number 39 – as in the case of 30.

Number 40 – as in the case of 31.

Number 41 – as in the case of 32.

Number 42 – as in the case of 24.

Number 43 – Signifies significant and somewhat negative changes in circumstances.

Number 44 – as in the case of 26.

Number 45 – as in the case of 27.

Number 46 – as in the case of 28.

Number 47 – as in the case of 29.

Number 48 – as in the case of 30.

Number 49 – as in the case of 31.

Number 50 – as in the case of 32.

Number 51 – This number indicates strong luck or rather greater ease in overcoming conflicts and challenges.

Number 52 – as in the case of 43.

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