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Law of Attraction Mastery: Supercharge Wealth Manifestation – 11 Attracting Symbols

Symbols in the Law of Attraction Acting as a Magnet for Wealth

Symbols in the Law of Attraction that aid in attracting wealth.

Before you is an extensive explanation of symbols that, in the Law of Attraction, influence the better manifestation of money. Additionally, we will show how to use them and create your own sacred symbols to attract fortune.

Symbols are primarily signs representing specific ideas, information, crucial details, depicting figures, or related to various rituals.

The universe is full of mysteries, and one of the greatest mysteries is its language. Through numbers, letters, and various symbols, we communicate and synchronize with the beauty and energy of the universe. This is a natural technology for opening doors and engaging our minds.

Symbols stimulate imagination, develop energetic forms in communication, and engage both the left and right hemispheres of our brains.

This is a kind of creative synthesis, influencing our rational mind.

Symbols synthesize both the creative and rational minds. We observe logic presented in symbol structures, energy, and hidden messages.

The messages behind the symbolism of different objects bring the energy of universal truths and prevailing patterns in the universe. Each symbol has its conventional meaning, although the path to interpretation remains open.

Symbols in the Law of Attraction

In the case of symbols used in the Law of Attraction, there are many types that can be used to manifest money.

The symbolism of these signs and objects is powerful, practiced for hundreds of thousands of years, from reiki symbols to religious or alchemical symbols, ending with those personalized according to our needs.

Symbols in the Law of Attraction and 11 symbols that will help attract money:

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction

Kuber Yantra in Law of Attraction

The Kuber Yantra is one of the significant symbols in Hinduism, associated with the Hindu deity Kubera, considered the guardian of wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

The symbol represents geometry composed of various patterns and numbers that create the sacred symbolism of a mantra associated with wealth.

Most often, it is a diagram in the shape of a square or rectangle, with a central point around which various letters, signs, and symbols are placed.

The main purpose of using this symbol is to attract wealth, maintain financial stability, protect against poverty, and strengthen entrepreneurial spirit.

By using the Yantra symbol, we perform special rituals, reciting mantras related to wealth, focusing our thoughts on positive financial goals. Proper execution of such practices with the right level of faith and spirituality brings the desired results. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

“ॐ यक्षाय कुबेराय वैश्रवणाय धनधान्याधिपतये। धनधान्यसमृद्धिं मे देहि दापय स्वाहा॥”

“Om Yakshaaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaaya Dhanadhanyadhipataye | Dhanadhanyasamriddhim Me Dehi Dapaya Swaha ||”

tłumaczenie polskie: “Om, Kuźnio Bogactwa, Władco skarbów, Opiekunie bogactwa i obfitości, Daj mi bogactwo, dostatki i obfite plony, Proszę, przyjmij moje ofiary.”

Trzeba podkreślić, że tłumaczenie polskie z sanskrytu hinduskiego ma pewne wady. Pewne aspekty duchowe, brzmieniowe i rytmiczne nie są tak precyzyjnie oddane, jak w oryginalnym tekście. Choć na pewno zachowuje przesłanie mantry związanej z Kubera Yantra. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction

Goddess Lakshmi in Law of Attraction

Goddess Lakshmi, also known as Sri, is one of the most important deities in Hinduism.

She is considered the goddess of wealth, abundance, prosperity, success, happiness, and richness.

She is also a symbol of beauty, wisdom, grace, maturity, and grace.

Her energy is a great aid for anyone wishing to attract and afford prosperity.

Lakshmi is surrounded by many rituals, ceremonies, and festivals.

One of the most important festivals associated with the worship of Goddess Lakshmi is Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights.

During Diwali, people decorate their homes, light lamps and candles, and offer prayers and sacrifices to Goddess Lakshmi in the hope of attracting her grace and blessings.

The symbolism of Lakshmi represents not only material wealth but also spiritual abundance and wealth in the form of wisdom, love, and compassion.

She is considered the guardian of homes and families, symbolizing order and harmony in life.

Practicing and attracting wealth with the symbolism of Goddess Lakshmi focuses on meditation and placing her image in your home.

In meditation, you can use the mantra “ॐ श्रीं महालक्ष्म्यै नमः” (Om Śhrīm Mahālakshmyai Namaḥ), which literally translates to “I bow to the Holy Lakshmi.”

This is a direct prayer to the Goddess. Repeat this mantra during meditation, prayer, or affirmation.

The result will be the attraction of wealth, prosperity, and blessings. Practice this mantra with respect and faith, and positive energy will return to you in the form of your desires. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction

Fehu Rune – Law of Attraction

Fehu is the first runic symbol in the Old Germanic/Celtic runic alphabet.

Runic alphabets were used by ancient Germanic, Nordic, and tribes from present-day Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

The symbolism behind Fehu is wealth and abundance, prosperity, the ability to acquire material goods. In Nordic tradition, the Fehu rune was used for success in trade, agriculture, and acquiring valuable resources.

The word Fehu itself means cattle, and in a broader context, property and possessions. This translates into a measure of wealth and a better social status.

In addition to material wealth and abundance, the rune symbolizes life energy, fertility, and the natural flow of creativity and potential with enormous developmental possibilities.

You can use the symbolism of the Fehu rune to attract wealth. During meditation, visualize positive energy and abundance coming into your life.

A good idea is to get an amulet or talisman that you can wear or keep in your home. This attracts wealth and success in your endeavors. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction

Goddess Oshun in Law of Attraction

With the symbol of Oshun, we now move to West Africa, to the goddess revered in the Yoruba religion and other traditions such as Santeria, Candomblé, Voodoo, and many other Afro-American and Afro-Cuban religious practices.

Goddess Oshun symbolizes love, tenderness, happiness, abundance, fertility, motherhood, beauty, and self-care.

Local populations describe her as one who has experienced both poverty and wealth, thus experiencing both sides.

In iconography, she is depicted in beautiful attire, with a fan, mirror, and honey pot, each of which has symbolic meaning related to different aspects of her character, within the context of symbolism.

She is often worshiped during ritual dances, singing, and offering various gifts, such as oranges, honey, and flowers. In this way, we can honor the goddess individually by having her image at home, attracting wealth and abundance.

In the Candomblé and Santeria practices in Brazil and Cuba, Oshun is synchronized with the Catholic figure of Our Lady of Aparecida.

This fusion of African culture with Catholic Christianity is characteristic of many Afro-American and Afro-Cuban religious traditions. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction

Maneki Neko in Law of Attraction

Maneki Neko, also known as the “beckoning cat” or “welcoming cat,” is a popular Japanese amulet, a figurine depicting a cat with a raised paw.

It is one of the most recognizable symbols in Japanese culture, known worldwide.

If the cat’s paw holding coins is directed upwards, it signifies prosperity, and when directed downwards, it helps to retain wealth. Many people in Japan place figurines in their restaurants to attract customers.

The color of the figurine is also essential. A white figurine symbolizes purity and sincerity, black protects against diseases, red brings love, and green ensures health and safety. While figurines are usually colorful, monochrome options are also available.

Various variations of Maneki Neko can be found, not only in terms of color but also in positions. Sometimes with one or two beckoning paws, symbolizing prosperity, or a cat holding a fish (usually a tuna) or coins instead of paws.

The origin of Maneki Neko dates back to the Edo period (1603-1868) in Japan. There are many legends and myths associated with the figurine, confirming its significance as a talisman.

You can use this symbol to attract money by placing a figurine or picture of the cat in your home or business. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction

Chan Chu in Law of Attraction

Chan Chu, also known as the “Money Frog” or “Fortune Frog,” is a popular Chinese amulet, a figure representing a frog sitting on a pile of coins, with one or three coins in its mouth.

It is another popular symbol bringing luck and prosperity, especially in Chinese culture.

In China, it is used as a talisman for bringing luck and wealth.

The symbol is capable of transformation, connected to the water cycle, from tadpole to an adult frog, symbolizing positive change and growth in various aspects of life, including financial.

Used as a protective amulet against financial losses and negative consequences, it also relates to aspects of loyalty and loyalty. According to legend, the frog was once a human prince, transformed into a frog for his loyalty to the gods.

This is quite a cool wealth symbol that you can display.

You can usually find figurines in green, symbolizing nature and money, or red and gold, symbolizing luck and success.

Place the figurine with faith, believing that the presence of Chan Chu will bring prosperity and good fortune. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction

Vasudha in Law of Attraction

Vasudha is a reiki symbol used to attract money.

Reiki is a powerful method of energy healing that can be used to synchronize the mind, body, and spirit by balancing energy centers.

Various energetic symbols are used in reiki practice for different purposes.

Vasudha is visually represented in red and yellow colors.

The central part of the symbol consists of 4 arms, each section created with curved lines, and each of the 4 sections contains a small spiral.

Using this symbol requires an introduction and initiation by a Reiki master.

You can use symbols to attract money, for distant healing, focusing on people, situations, or places. It carries the energy of support and abundance.

A common practice is to draw the symbol in the air during a ceremony, on the palm, or on a special board depicting a visualization of our desire. The vibrations hidden in the Vasudha symbol are related to the Earth’s energy and earthly nature. This establishes a deep connection with Mother Earth, and the healing energy flows to you. This translates into many aspects of your life, including wealth and prosperity.

Always practice Reiki with respect, love, and kindness. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction

Midas Star in Law of Attraction

The Midas Star is a symbol associated with spiritual practices such as Seichem Reiki and Karuna Ki.

This symbol is taught in these traditions as a talisman bringing prosperity and positive changes in various aspects of life, not just in the financial sphere.

It symbolizes prosperity and success in life, attracting positive energy that supports us in achieving our goals and realizing dreams.

The energy of the Midas Star encompasses harmony, happiness, positive changes, the removal of blockages, and improvement in relationships.

Practitioners of Seichem Reiki or Karuna Ki must undergo proper training and initiation by a master of these techniques to use the “Midas Star.”

After receiving initiation, practitioners can use this symbol during healing sessions and visualizations.

To tap into the energy and symbolism of the “Midas Star,” practitioners may draw it in the air, on their hands, or on an object focused on their healing or wealth attraction intention.

It is crucial to act with love and positive intentions and respect the free will of others. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction

Shefa in Law of Attraction

The word “Shefa” originates from the Hebrew language and is used in the context of Judaism and Kabbalistic mystical teachings.

This word is rich in symbolism and associated with prosperity, blessings, and positive spiritual energy.

It symbolizes the energetic flow of energy, bringing about positive changes, providing blessings, and grace from God. The word signifies support and care from angels.

The symbol of abundance, Shefa, is often used in jewelry, visually represented as a circle within a circle with a spiral in the center.

In Kabbalah and other mystical traditions, practitioners seek to open themselves to “Shefa” to integrate their spirituality into everyday life, leading to greater fulfillment.

It is connected with Archangel Metatron, believed to provide infinite abundance to those who submit to the energy of Shefa. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction

Trees and Plants in Law of Attraction

Trees and plants serve as symbols of abundance, reflecting the abundant energies of nature, a constant and generous flow observable in plant life.

According to Feng Shui principles, placing a money tree in the furthest left corner from the entrance is recommended.

Feng Shui specifically employs the Pachira Aquatica species for this purpose.

By expressing a clear intention, you can utilize any plant or tree that resonates with you, observing how it grows and blossoms as a symbol welcoming money into your life.

You can also work with wooden sculptures or other forms of art to connect with the energy of nature. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction

Salmon Totem in Law of Attraction

In Native American culture, the salmon totem symbolizes abundance and plenty.

It is often depicted in the art of indigenous Inuit people.

Indigenous people performed ceremonies to honor the salmon, representing abundance in the form of sustenance.

You can appreciate the art of native peoples depicting salmon or create images to work with this energy as you feel appropriate.

Embrace the present moment and release any worries or fears about the future when you are in a state of peace. This will attract prosperity and wealth. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

Creating Personalized Symbols in the Law of Attraction

In the preceding article, you have learned that there are numerous symbols you can utilize to attract money.

In fact, anything representing your intention to attract wealth can become a symbol embodying the energy of prosperity.

Utilizing symbols in your environment can assist in focusing your energy on the things you wish to experience and manifest.

One intriguing example of a personalized symbol you can create is a sigil:

A sigil is a symbolic representation containing your desired outcomes and can be used in energy magic.

The creation of a personalized sigil symbol originates from pagan or Wiccan traditions.

The most powerful way to use a sigil for attracting money is by crafting a personalized symbol.

The process is incredibly straightforward.

You can create a sigil by following the steps below:

  1. Focus on a clear and present state of mind.
  2. Begin by writing a single sentence that is a personal affirmation related to achieving your financial goal/intention.
  3. Once you have an affirmation that strongly resonates with you, examine it.
  4. Eliminate all vowels (a, ą, e, ę, i, o, u) from this sentence.For example, the sentence:”I want to be rich and have lots of money so that my loved ones don’t worry about the future in these challenging times.”Eliminating vowels results in:”I wnt t b rch nd hv lts f mny s tht my lvd nes dn’t wrry bt th ftr n ths chllngng tms.”
  5. Next, look at the remaining consonants, identify them, and eliminate any repeating letters.So, we are left with 3 letters:g, ż, ś

By combining these letters into a unique design, you create a personalized sigil that encapsulates your financial intention. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

You can experiment with different arrangements until you find one that brings you joy.

Once you have your symbol, you can draw it on a small piece of paper.

You can now activate the symbol by burning the piece of paper using a candle or burying it in the ground.

This activation is significant as it allows the release of any conscious and subconscious resistance you may have regarding your affirmation.

All resistance is released, and the energy of your symbol becomes clear, powerful, and ready to support you.

You can meditate on your sigil, create art or jewelry using it, or simply keep it in your awareness when needed.

Tuning In, Connecting with Symbols in the Law of Attraction

Now that you are aware of various symbols that can be used for attracting money, you can intuitively decide which one you want to tune in with.

Your intuition is incredibly valuable here because these symbols convey messages that go beyond words.

The first step in connecting with a symbol is acknowledging that each of them possesses its own energetic frequency.

Many ancient symbols have been encoded with the intention of years of reverence, faith, practice, and history.

As you tune in with a particular symbol over time, you will naturally feel the benefits of its transmitted energy.

Tuning in also involves a deeper understanding and a personal relationship with the energy of the symbol through your own experiences.

It is essential to understand that tuning in with a symbol on multiple levels over time and during practice contributes to enhancing the quality of your life and attracting the desired prosperity.

Mental tuning involves becoming aware of the meaning and origin of the symbols you connect with.

You can energetically tune in with existing symbols as well as your own through rituals and meditation.

To deeply connect with a particular symbol, it is valuable to set your own intention when choosing which ones to use.

You can acknowledge the energy of the symbol and set the intention that you desire to synchronize with its energy and experience the benefits of attracting money into your life through this symbolic energy.

Or, you can set the intention that every time you see a visual representation of the symbol, your mind and spirit are fully open to elevating to the vibration of abundance.

You can be creative and intuitive in crafting clear and powerful intentions. – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

In Conclusion

Meditate on a physical or mental image of one of the money-attracting symbols.

Create activation visualizations:

Craft art depicting symbols for attracting money. In this process, you will connect with the energy of the symbol.

Adorn yourself with clothing or jewelry featuring the money-attracting symbol.

Create an altar using the symbol for attracting money.

Creatively incorporate the money-attracting symbol into your business branding, and so forth.

Enjoy the process of connecting with the energy of these symbols and attracting the abundance you truly deserve! – Symbols in the Law of Attraction

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